5 Apps to Read Offline Web Content

5 Apps to Read Offline Web Content

Metro, train or plane, applications allow you to catch up with your reading late. Even when you are off the network. Discover the five major competitors reading offline content on different media (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Pocket, the must

Leader of the offline reading market and also known by its former name of “Read it Later”, Pocket offers a clear presentation and modern handling. With a visual interface elegantly integrating photos that accompany your saved articles, the application is perfectly synchronized. Thus, your items saved on your computer will automatically copy to your smartphone.

Its major flaw is not to be available on Windows (apart from the Firefox plug-in) and to favor Apple and Android operating systems. Note that it also offers a version for Kobo eReader.

Instapaper, Kindle and beyond

Instapaper allows you to easily save articles and pages that you would like to read later. Unlike its competitor who allows you to create an online account from Google, you will need to create a new account to use this application.

Less visual, Instapaper offers many settings for customizing the layout to bring you more reading comfort. For now, in English only, it has many versions on different media, including Kindle reading, without offering a version for Windows.

Poki for Pocket, for the Windows world

You have a phone or tablet running Windows 8 and you do not use Pocket. The EEC company did not look very far for its title by naming “Poki for Pocket” its offline reading application on the operating system of Microsoft.

Quite complete, it offers services close to its Pocket counterpart with a wide choice of themes and colors for greater reading comfort. The application is free, but you will be able to access more content for € 4.99. With the ability to listen to selected articles, Poki is a good investment for a Microsoft environment.

Wallabag, the free answer

Wallabag is open-source software for downloading and saving articles online. To use this application, all you need to do is create a free online account. Existing on Mac and PC versions as a Mozilla or Chrome plug-in as well as a mobile version for Windows, Apple, Google, and even Linux operating systems.

With a simple interface, but a little austere, the application works smoothly on the computer and not without some bugs in the mobile version. Like Wikipedia, the app is developed from money donated by users.

Wikipedia Mobile, the offline encyclopedia

Far from being intended for relaxing reading or presenting a revolutionary interface, Wikipedia may be the right application for you to work on your files, study the history of companies to which you provide services or learn terms. that you do not understand in the reports of your collaborators.

It allows you to save items on your tablet or smartphone. Completely free, it works like its Web version by the donations of its users. Far from being free of bugs, it is available in iOS, Android, Windows, and Firefox versions.

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