What Are the Main Services Offered by the Internet?

What Are the Main Services Offered by the Internet?

The Internet is one of the technologies that has become indispensable to the daily lives of over two billion people around the world. It is considered essential and even vital for some people and businesses. It offers several services to those who use it, but which ones?
Visualization of web pages and news
The main services offered by the Internet are all related to communication. First, with the Internet, users can view multiple web pages. This web page visualization is proving to be the best known, most recent and most widely used Internet service, and this has helped make it more attractive and “commercially useful” according to some users. News or forums for them are ways to develop discussions between several people grouped around the same topic. It is also possible to set up a discussion group.
Telnet, ssh, and FTP: essential services
Telnet and ssh are services offered by the Internet that allows Internet users to connect. In addition, at the same time, they open up homework opportunities. However, users prefer ssh to Telnet. This first ensures that all data transmitted are encrypted and therefore unreadable for other people than the recipient, unlike Telnet is older and ensures that all information transmitted, including the password, transit clearly on the network. FTP, on the other hand, is a file transfer service. It allows you to have files on a remote machine, download or transfer files to your machine, and distribute multiple files.
The courier service and the mail
The courier service is part of the services offered by the Internet. This service has been implemented by following several protocols including SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which are protocols used in sending messages. There is also the POP or Post Office Protocol, for the reception. And the IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol, for storing emails on the server. The email meanwhile, is also known as e-mail. Its principle is simple, just use the Internet as we use the post.

The Internet can also be useful in the email service it offers. Indeed, it allows people to communicate with each other, or with administrations or with companies. All this at a lower cost and without much difficulty. On the other hand, there is the institutional or commercial communication but via a website. This gives its owner the opportunity to pass information to its customers, shareholders and the public. In the same way, by using social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, celebrities can get even closer to their fans.

With the Internet, It is also possible to play online games or e-commerce by presenting products and trading online. In addition, social networking can very well be done with the help of the Internet to facilitate contact and communication between people.

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