Gigabyte 7vt600 Rz Motherboard Details

The Gigabyte 7VT600 RZ motherboard is compatible with socket A AMD Athlon XP, AMD Duron, and AMD Athlon processors with Front Side Bus Speed of 400 MHz. Maximum memory available in the 3 DDR sockets is 3GB of DDR DRAM PC2100/PC2700/PC3200 and only supports 2.5 DDR DIMM. Built-in this motherboard we can find USB 2.0 (which is 40 times faster than USB 1.1) VIA VT8235 Chipset. For storage, it supports DMA/ATA-133 (Ultra) x 2 for storage.

A Realtek ALC655 CODEC is included in the Gigabyte 7VT600 RZ motherboard for sound and Jack Sensing function is supported meaning that any device that is connected to the sound device is immediately recognized. Video Interface is done through an AGP (accelerated graphics port ) 8x that provides optimized graphics, uninterrupted streaming, and increased performance.

Gigabyte RZ Series Motherboards is a complete competitive and affordable platform which is based on reliability, real performance, and right value. The RZ series supports Pentium 4 processors with Front-Side Bus that interlinks information between the CPU and the memory controller hub and supports the new 90nm technology from the (Prescott) Pentium® 4 processor.

Regarding memory system Gigabyte RZ Series Motherboards use DDR333 memory that supports two double-sided DIMMs with two 184-pin connectors. They also use USB 2.0 interface which is 40 times faster than USD 1.1, speeding up connections between computer peripherals.

This AMD Motherboard has excellent hardware monitorization: fan revolution, temperature, voltage, and fan fail detection, as well as shutdown function due to overheating, are constantly being controlled. Overclocking is also a feature available that can be used for increasing system performance. Besides these features some others can also be found:

  • ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)/APM (Advanced Power Management) Power Management – Full power management of sleep mode, hibernation mode, etc.
  • Wake On Ring Header – Wakes up the computer from sleep mode when a phone call is received through a device that is connected to COM1.
  • Wake On LAN Header – Allows turning on the computer or waking it up through network commands, usually sent by another local area network computer.
  • Suspend to RAM – It is a hibernate state that preserves the information the user was
  • working on while turning the computer into energy-saving mode.
  • Wake-up from Keyboard/Mouse – Moving the mouse or pressing a keyboard key will wake up the computer from suspend mode.

For users upgrading to the Gigabyte 7VT600 RZ, there is no problem with the power supply because this motherboard does not need the ATX12V, so older power supplies can be used.

What is Computer Hardware?

Technology has invaded our daily life with many gadgets but there is one we can’t live without a computer. Computers bring the world to our homes. At the distance of a click, news, movies, blogs, family, and friends reach us on the screen through the computer. They are an essential tool no matter the use we give them.

Using a computer has become very popular and despite the age, the type of work or the place, people depend on the computer for a while range of activities. From simple tasks like listening to music, watching movies and chatting on social sites to more advanced tasks like editing and mixing music, video recording and editing or graphic design we rely on the computer for all of them.

Of course, a computer is nothing without the hardware. Buying the right one from the beginning will save a lot of time afterward. Depending on what the computer will be used to, there are some important points to take into consideration.

For design and gaming, a fast processor and graphics card will be needed to provide high speed and excellent image. If the computer is going to be used for basic school or home activities than some money can be saved through not buying unnecessary advanced components like the latest processor or a high capacity hard drive.

Computer hardware is always progressing and upgrades might be needed after a few months of buying the computer. A motherboard and processor can last many years as long as the upgrades are done with compatible components. If not, a new motherboard and processor will be needed to receive the new and advanced connections that are always progressing and changing.

The most common components that need to be upgraded are the RAM and the graphic card. New software and games demand a lot of RAM to run the applications and require better graphic technology. Game minimum hardware requirements are always increasing, and those wanting to keep up you the latest titles must upgrade their computer if they want to play.

When many applications are installed on the computer a new hard drive might be also needed. Latest hard drives are faster and with higher capacity increasing the performance of the  Whether the computer is used for simple tasks or advanced tasks, speed and good graphics are something to be taken into consideration when buying a new computer.

A Close Look to the AMD Dual Cpu Motherboard

When looking for a dual CPU motherboard quality, speed and price are three things to take a close look too and an AMD dual CPU motherboard have it all.

But what is a dual CPU motherboard? It is a motherboard with space to put two separate processor chips (cores) in the same board. As long as the dual-core processors use the same socket as the motherboard, they are compatible and can be used on that motherboard. Although there are other methods to connect the chips to the board, the most common is through a processor bus system. The AMD dual CPU motherboard bus consists of a set of wires that easily let one part of the motherboard connect with other parts, like the CPU and external devices.

In an AMD dual-processor motherboard, each core takes care of the incoming data strings at the same time to improve efficiency. This allows more information to be processed at the same time speeding external requests. The AMD dual CPU motherboard must have two equal processors. They must be exactly the same otherwise they will not be compatible and will generate conflict.

With an AMD dual-processor motherboard speed and efficiency is king. While running tasks in the background like anti-virus and spyware scan, disk burn and for instance watch a movie at the same time, there is little chance that slowness is noticed, with a single processor that was a possibility. Although there are two processors working at the same time, overheating is not an issue once the two working at the same free almost the same amount of heat of a single processor. So, the extra cooling system is not needed however, it is always an advantage in any computer.

The AMD dual-processor motherboard will be an amazing choice for gamers and designers that usually have to run heavy software and at the same time do basic tasks like checking email or be in a social site.

Nowadays software and internet applications are becoming heavier and speed is required from the computer hardware. Manufacturers need to come up with updated products all the time to keep competing in the hardware market. AMD is a high-quality brand, and they are always improving their technology to stay ahead of the competition

Choosing Right: Our Selection of Executive Laptops

From the finest to the most powerful through the most versatile. The customer has at his disposal a wide choice of laptop. Each manufacturer is trying to innovate and offer a new experience with a flagship product. Here is our selection, according to your needs.

With this complete selection to find without a doubt the laptop that suits you the most:

Design: The world’s thinnest PC (8.98mm thick), smooth lines and impeccable build quality, this Swift 7 is a dandy with an adventurous temperament.

Power: The Core i7 processor embedded here is 7th generation and not 8th as is the standard on the other models tested here. With only 8 GB of memory and a processor with a very average final performance, it is really only dedicated to the office.

Screen: the balanced colorimetry and its nuanced contrasts are complemented by the brightness of a good level. An excellent machine for working, as for making presentations.

Ergonomics: Negative point, it is very difficult to open it with one hand. For the rest, the keyboard is quite average with a strike a little too short for our taste, the price of finesse. The touchpad is disappointing, not very responsive and it does not offer a direct left-click (two fingers to emulate).

Nomadism: difficult to do more nomad with a weight of 1.20 kg and dimensions of 32.8 x 23.7 x 0.9 cm. It slips into a small leather pouch, for example, that delivered with. As a bonus, it incorporates a 4G modem. Finally, a little powerful processor has the advantage of little heat. The Swift 7 is therefore compatible with knee work.

Autonomy: Despite its finesse, the Swift 7 behaves properly with autonomy in mixed-use that is positioned between 7 and 8 hours.

Security: a fingerprint reader.

Design: an elegant metal dress for a compact computer, it exudes a professional image without being too sober.

Power: the tested version based on Intel Core i5 processor and 16 GB of RAM is revealed to be a beast of office automation and able to handle small sessions of Photoshop.

Screen: the 14 “FULL-HD matte panel offers a nice color and brightness, but the contrast is a little behind. Note that it includes an anti-blue light filter and especially a second anti-reflective very effective.

Ergonomics: this convertible offers a 360 rotating screen to turn it into a tablet. The hinge is solid, stable. The keyboard offers a pleasant, effective, but some will find the keys a little too close. The Touchpad is precise with a good glide.

Nomadism: with dimensions without an excess of 32.14 x 21.5 x 1.69 cm for 1.35 kg, it is nomadic while enjoying a very complete set of connectors. The presence of a 4G modem is also worth noting. Finally, it heats without excess, but do not keep it too long on your knees.

Autonomy: We expected more than 9 hours of autonomy in mixed-use, but not more than 8 hours here.
Security services: the computer integrates a fingerprint reader and especially hardware security chips (data protection, bios). An antivirus package with McAfee is offered, as backup services via HP Cloud.

After Sales Services: By investing in an HP Care Pack, you have access to a 1 to 2-year warranty extension. In addition, depending on the level of service an on-site intervention on day + 1 is possible, such as remote system restore.

Price: from 1 790 euros

For whom: this Elitebook X360 1040 is a versatile machine that can be easily integrated into a computer fleet and a TPE. In the latter case, the many support tools offered by HP make it a reassuring and effective choice.

Asus B9Pro, the quiet force
Design: Its magnesium alloy design is both aesthetic and yet very sober.

Power: Asus starts its configurations with a couple of Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM very efficient in the office. To have 16 GB of RAM, you have to switch to the Core i7.

Screen: the screen does not offer a natural colorimeter and singularly lacks peps. This will be fine for office work, but nothing else.

Ergonomics: by opening the beast, we realize that the top cover is a little longer than the bottom. This gives a slight inclination of 7 which makes typing on the keyboard more pleasant over the length. The keys have a slight hollow for a safer typing.

Nomadism: Asus prides itself on offering the world’s lightest 14 “laptop. He is right, but it is paid by the presence of a single USB3-C port. A mini-dock accompanies to compensate, but this remains limited. Finally, he has the good idea of very little heat, perfect to finish a mail machine on his lap.

Autonomy: the announced autonomy of 10 hours is a little optimistic, we reach the 7 to 8 hours in mixed uses.

Security: a fingerprint reader

SAV: Asus does not offer a specific warranty extension, an offer guaranteeing a refund of his computer if it breaks down in the year.

Price: from 1 300 euros

For whom: executives whose office is the main use and for whom nomadism is not just a nice word.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1, pure sobriety

Design: The years go by and the ThinkPad’s black magnesium shell still has the effect. Its solidity is at the level of the image of professionalism that it releases.

Power: with a Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM, this ThinkPad will not fail you. Attention, Lenovo offers configurations Core i5 and 8 GB very effective in-office use. By cons, avoid the Core i7 couple and 8 GB of RAM too much unbalanced.

Screen: the 14 ” screen (tactile or not) is a model of the kind level colorimetry and brightness. The contrast is good but lacks a little finesse on blacks. Finally, the reaction time of the screen is quite low, the mouse cursor tends to leave a slight drag on the screen.

Ergonomics: the keyboard of this X1 is what comes closest to a desktop, slightly intaglio key, a beautiful depth of typing for comfort and maximum efficiency.

Nomadism: 1.13 kg, controlled dimensions (32.35 x 21.71 x 1.6 cm), it is really nomadic. On the other hand, it tends to heat up a lot, so avoid working with your knees.

Autonomy: good surprise, we easily reach the 9 to 10 hours in mixed-use. See 12 hours by limiting the consumption of the screen. A fast charger allows to go from 0 to 80% of battery in 60 minutes, rather 75/80 minutes according to our tests.

Security: biometrics is there with a fingerprint reader and an infrared webcam for face recognition. In addition, it includes a TPM 2.0 encryption chip that secures access to the Bios, hard drive or boot. Finally, a mechanical flap can hide the webcam also of very average quality.

SAV: Lenovo offers a service pack with extension and repair on site

Price: from 1 390 euros

For whom: a reference machine for those who have real needs in nomadic productivity. Management or security services deserve to be further developed.
MSI PS42, the versatile multimedia

Design: a new kid on the market, MSI, better known in gaming, presents a machine with sliced lines and a beautiful brushed aluminum shell. Very aesthetic, without doing too much and we appreciated the quality of manufacture.

Power: Two configurations are available Core i7 and 16GB RAM or Core i5 and 8GB RAM. The performances are they expected, with a small flat for the first one strand back from the average.

Screen: the PS42 enjoys a very beautiful screen 14 ”. The colorimetry is bright and natural, the brightness excellent, as the level of contrast. For work, hobbies and even video games with the embedded Nvidia MX350 3D card.

Ergonomics: well designed, the PS42 offers a keyboard of good quality without being exceptional. The touchpad is a bit small, sometimes lacks responsiveness. By cons, connectivity level MSi is very complete with even an SD card reader.

Nomadism: with dimensions of 32.2 x 22.2 x 15.9 cm for 1.19 kg, we are faced with a machine that knows how to be discreet, while offering a very good range of services.
Autonomy: announced at 10 am by MSi, we reached the best 8:30 with an average closer to 7 hours.

Security: a fingerprint reader is present, but integrated into the Touchpad which is not the most intuitive.

SAV: MSi is new on the market which explains the lack of offers dedicated to professionals, everything will depend on the proposals of your dealer.

Price: from 1290 euros

For whom: the creatives will appreciate its screen and its power. It will fit very well into a fleet of large SMEs. If it can seduce the TPE, make sure you have a dealer who is used to working with professionals.

Working on a Laptop on a Train: Six Key Uses

After listing the key points to watch for working well on a laptop on the train, the second part of our brief (published as part of Mobile Office *) reviews key uses to focus on. Starting with a general advice: a laptop is not quite a fixed office deported; you have to select the tasks and organize your workday according to the more or less long travel time.

1. The USB key
If you have to work on several documents, nothing better than transporting them on a USB key. Especially since some models now include office suites, such as StarOffice or Framakey. It will allow you to transfer these docs on your desktop PC, or at home. Beware of other passengers’ traffic: a brake has quickly arrived and you can easily tear yourself or damage the USB key connected to a side port.

2. The mails
Many executives will tell you, they reserve their travel time to read their emails of the day, and the writing of responses (mostly offline) they will send the evening from home, or the next day from their office. Avoid an organization of working time in the too monolithic train; remember to vary the tasks, and to anticipate … relaxing time (see below).

3. The phone
Avoid, as far as possible, telephoning your employees on the train. Nothing worse than an SME boss or manager screaming his orders to his secretary … If you have a phone appointment on your travel time, be sure to know if the network passes. Better, move the appointment in the day to the office, it will be more convenient. Also avoid, although the manufacturers say, to install you in the following configuration: PC turned on to read his mails, phone plugged, Bluetooth kit on the ear, and presto, it’s for a dip in the bubble “I am alone in the world. The worst effect on your neighbors.

4. Information
You never have time to read newspapers or listen to radio flashes in the day? Organize to recover, before leaving your office files in podcast or download. Then read them on your mobile, on your time to go or back. If you need “material” in the field of new technologies, think about podcasts from!

5. Leisure
This is one of the major uses of mobile on the move: to relax, decompress. Weekend nights seem a good time to indulge in. However, avoid (very common case) to show everyone that you have, engraved, the latest pirate copy in a screener of the film that has just been released on the screens, or the series that passes on HBC.

6. The sound
If you play a movie on your PC, listen to music or play a game, do not make everyone enjoy it. The headphones are there for that and provides a certain listening comfort. Choose a full-face helmet if you listen to the “serious” sound (reports, podcast information …) that will isolate you well.

Informant: Computer Repair and Troubleshooting Boulogne-sur-Mer

Informant, a computer repair company in Boulogne-sur-Mer, puts its know-how at the disposal of individuals and professionals to provide them with effective and economical solutions to repair or repair their computer equipment.

Informant intervenes in Boulogne-sur-Mer and throughout the Côte d’Opale. Your computer technician also has many other computer services to its customers, such as computer maintenance, the assembly of computer equipment and the creation of a computer network.

Today, to buy a new computer, you have to pay about 500 euros. However, be aware that a computer that refuses to light, that is infested with viruses or whose screen is broken is not necessarily good for the case. There are often ways to remedy these computer problems whether electrical, hardware or software.

The repair of your computer is satisfactory both economically and in terms of performance. On the one hand, your computer will be like new since the defective parts will have been either repaired or replaced, and your computer will be fully debugged, cleaned or secure.

On the other hand, a computer repair will be much less expensive than the purchase of a new computer, for an equivalent or higher level of performance, especially in the case where the replaced parts are of better quality than the previous ones.

The most common computer crashes
Abnormal Slowness of Windows / Intrusion of Unwanted or Unknown Programs: Depending on a targeted diagnosis, your technician will suggest you perform the complete cleaning of your computer, the reinstallation of Windows, the manual setting of your computer, the security of your computer. your computer, installing an antivirus or firewall.

Damaged or broken equipment (screen, keyboard, hard disk, etc …): The defective part will be repaired if possible, otherwise it will be replaced by a new part. In most cases, it is better for the professional to do this since the computer hardware (hard disk, motherboard, printed circuit board, screen) is very fragile and often complex to install.

The computer that turns off abnormally and recurrently: There are several causes to this crash., Or the fan can not cool your computer enough and in case of overheating it will automatically turn off, either a problem with the power supply or the processor.
Repair Boulogne Sur Mer

Do not hesitate to contact Informant, a computer repair company in Boulogne-sur-Mer. Our technician will put all his skills at your service and will offer a free quote for all of its IT services.

For more information about the services of your computer technician, you can consult the following topics:

  • professionals
  • Sale
  • Automation
  • Dynamic display
  • LED screen

What Tips to Choose a Good Executive Laptop

The choice of a laptop for executives or leaders is not always obvious. Beyond technical performance, it is also a representation tool. Still, security, comfort, and productivity in nomadism must also be at the rendezvous.

At first glance, the procedure for choosing this type of laptop is no different from that applied to all employees. Except that this very specific public can sometimes express particular “requirements”. At a certain level of responsibility, the desire for customization may exist, not to mention the statutory message expressed by the machine. However, we must not forget the need for security, performance and especially after-sales. And having to go without a computer for more than 24 hours can become a disaster for the company. Knowing the good criteria of a computer is not easy, as choosing the PC that suits you. Here are 9 points to help you.

1. The design and image of the company
If the design of a laptop does not seem essential in business, it is underestimating the importance of the image in our society. Difficult to appear dynamic and innovative with an old laptop black more than 3 kg. If the look is a matter of taste, it must also be in line with the image of the company.

A model “too design” will perhaps be poorly perceived in the world of consulting and quite adequate in that of communication. The user must always be the first question. A framework that performs mostly missions of representation will find interesting a machine whose screen rotates 360. Those who do only the office will be able to opt for a very light machine even if the power is limited.

2. The power and the question of balance
Most premium configurations include an 8th generation Core i5 processor. With 8 GB of RAM, we generally have the winning formula for office automation and a bit of graphic design. Feel free to upgrade to 16 GB if you work with a lot of software in parallel or open many windows. Multitasking becomes much more fluid.

Those with higher power requirements will need to focus on the 8th generation Intel Core i7 and 16GB of RAM; has 8 GB of RAM, the configuration will be much too unbalanced. The question of the 3D graphics card arises for some companies in the field of creation.

3. The hard drive, SSD
Forget the classic hard drives and definitely opt for an SSD. This support is more reliable in time and supports much better falls. In addition, it allows for much faster access to data and comfort.

4. The screen, 11 “minimum
In the case of typical office business, an 11 ” screen is a minimum. If the needs of the user are more important (large Excel files, many windows open simultaneously), do not opt for a screen at least 14 ” is simply criminal for the eyes and the mental load. Favor a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and more if you can. Finally, some models incorporate anti-blue light filters.

5. Connectivity, with a dock
The more a notebook is thin and light, the less connectivity it has. Many premium laptops offer only one or two USB3-C ports. you have to use a mini dock to complete them. Which means a “bidule” more to carry, and lose, in addition to the loader. Think about your current connectivity needs before choosing a computer.

6. Security, with dedicated chips?
Security is an aspect that is too often overlooked. But the data carried by the computer of a senior executive is strategic. Windows password access is a start. It can be completed by a fingerprint reader or facial recognition via Windows Hello and an infrared webcam. But we must not forget that these are “gadgets” that accelerate access to the machine. In all cases, the reference is the password of the operating system, so it is the latter that must be healed.

Note that some manufacturers like Lenovo or HP integrate chips dedicated to security directly on the motherboard. They can encrypt the hard drive, protect the BIOS, the aggression OS, and as at HP, be part of a secure chain for software or system image deployment. Finally, many manufacturers offer “security” packages, including antivirus, backup in the cloud. An ideal solution for very small companies that do not have teams dedicated to IT. For larger SMEs, it is necessary to calculate the gain compared to a direct offer made by the ISD.

7. SAV, super important
A manager can not afford to see his machine immobilized too long. HP, Acer, Microsoft, Apple offer premium service to never stay without a machine for a long time. A system restores via the cloud (if you have taken this type of services) later and everything is back up and running. Learn about remote support offerings (troubleshooting, software deployments, or systems).

8. The 4G modem, certainly not for the TPE
In the context of mobility, having a 4G modem built into your laptop is a real plus that prevents us from being dependent on Wifi networks not always very secure. You have to anticipate and budget a data subscription with your operator. However, the extra cost can be important for small businesses, were sharing an Internet connection via a smartphone is often just as effective.

9. The prices, 1000 € minimum
The premium market usually starts at over 1,000 euros. And interesting things, it’s a very strong market segment +34% over the past year. This is due to the need for quality products and especially versatile.

In addition, a laptop is a tool for work and everyday life, the boundary between the professional world and staff being more and more cloudy. End-users generally have more and more important requirements, and even more senior executives.

Das Apple Iphone Kommt!

The Apple iPhone is mainly operated via a touch-sensitive display (a conventional mobile phone keyboard or mini-keyboard are not available). The idea is not entirely new: Some other manufacturers already offer smartphones and PDAs that can be operated via touchscreen, but usually, a pen is needed. All it takes is a simple tap of your finger to navigate through the nicely animated menus and to enter text via the keyboard.

Thanks to the so-called multi-touch function up to four-finger touches can be detected simultaneously. Fluent text input is thus guaranteed – if the small dimensions of the virtual keyboard on the 3.5 “display cause no problems. Broader fingers may quickly mistype. In addition, the entry of German special characters such as -ä-, -ö-, -ü- or -ß- make it difficult as they are not directly accessible via the soft keyboard. Only after a long press on the corresponding standard keys do the umlauts appear in a menu that appears above them.

Unattractive result of the touch screen operation is also inevitable fingerprints on the smooth surface. Otherwise, the operating concept seems well thought out, the arrangement of the menu icons is clear. For example, the four most important functions – phone calls, e-mail, surfing, and iPod – are highlighted separately in the lower part of the display. The remaining functions (SMS, camera, calendar, etc.) can be found above. The position sensor detects whether the iPhone is held horizontally or vertically and adjusts the display of photos or web pages accordingly.

As already mentioned, Apple’s first mobile phone has an iPod function at the same time: on the iPhone, songs, but also photos and videos can be stored and played back. When connected to the Internet, new music can be downloaded via Apple’s iTunes. Photos can be taken with the built-in 2-megapixel camera.

In the face of such multimedia capabilities, the flash memory rated at 8 GB might be too meager for many, especially since the memory can not be expanded with a memory card. The still available in the US as a discontinued model 4-GB variant of the Apple iPhone is not intended for the German market launch.

Surfing and sending e-mails should be relatively quick on the GPRS connection in combination with EDGE, although not as fast as on UMTS. A UMTS version of the iPhone is scheduled for next year. Alternatively, however, it is also possible to connect to the web via WLAN. Connected to the Mac or Windows PC, the iPhone independently searches for the personal email settings, contacts and web favorites of the user and accepts them.

As in the US, the Apple iPhone is also distributed exclusively in Germany. In this country, T-Mobile has been awarded the contract. A bargain, the iPhone is not straight: 399 euros to cost it. In addition, a two-year contract with T-Mobile must be completed. T-Mobile has not yet provided any information about the planned tariffs.

Technical details about the Apple iPhone in the overview:
The provider (Germany): T-MobileSpecification: Processor ARM1176JZF with TrustZone function and Vector FPU for 3D graphics (620 MHz)Memory: 8 GB FlashDisplay: 3.5 “LCD with capacitive touch screen (320 × 480, 18 bit, 163 dpi)Integrated camera: 2.0

megapixelsAudio Interfaces: mono speakers; Microphone; 3.5mm headset jackSync Port: USB 2.0 High Speed Short Range Wireless 802.11b / g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDRTerm (manufacturer): 250 h readiness, 8 h speaking mobile: GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900Operating System: Mac OS X for iPhone 1.0Included in delivery: USB docking station, power supply, cable stereo headset, cleaning cloth, quick start guides: 115 × 61 × 12 mmWeight: 144 g

How to Become an Expert in Computer Science?

Are you passionate about technological and digital innovation? Do you like to solve technical problems? Are you interested in science subjects? If the answer to these questions is yes, you can become a computer expert. To support them in their development and help them cope with the competition, companies need computer experts like Alexis Kuperfis. How to become one?

Acquire the necessary foundations
You must acquire the technical and scientific fundamentals necessary to be able to become a true computer expert like Alexis Kuperfis. For this purpose, you must follow a computer science course. You must first pass a Stray preferably. But, it is also possible to follow computer training with an STI baccalaureate. In this case, it is better to choose an electronic engineering or electrotechnical engineering option. With an STG baccalaureate, IT management option, you can also become a computer expert later.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you must enter a computer engineering school. There are several in France. But, you can also continue your studies at the university. A wide range of masters is offered to aspiring computer experts.

Choose your specialization
IT includes different branches. From a certain level of education, including a degree, you will have to choose a specialization. You will have the choice between networks and systems, data science, security, embedded systems, maintenance in computer or hardware, etc. It is important to inform you beforehand about each of the specializations proposed so as not to make a bad choice. By becoming an engineer in networks, for example, you will have for mission to develop techniques of communication in all their forms (Internet, telephone, etc.).

Computer management experts, meanwhile, are prime contractors of the computer system. They master the development of data management software. By becoming an expert in computer security, you will be in charge of setting up protection solutions for the data security of a company. At a time when hackers are more and more numerous, this professional is highly sought after by companies.

Diplomas are not enough
To be an expert in computer science, diplomas are important, but these are not enough. Indeed, all the knowledge that a true genius must-have is not provided at school. You must make efforts yourself to progress and learn new skills. Internet is a real source of information. Take advantage of it to improve yourself. For example, you can watch videos on YouTube to learn a particular technical area. Have a curious mind Test product for sale in a computer store. Dare to test different hardware or software.

The Internet is full of tutorials to help you understand them. You must also understand that technologies are constantly developing. This means that you must continue to learn so that your skills are not obsolete. Keep up-to-date by reading computer magazines, following blogs specialized in the sector. Familiarize yourself as soon as possible with the latest tools or software available.

What is the Difference Between Hardware and Software?

The two concepts of Hardware and Software are two different domains. Indeed, the hardware designates the physical material constituting the desktops, the PC, the external equipment while the software is a software and an application which runs a computer.

First of all, the software is an English word which means the software. It is an invisible part of a computer. Indeed, the software is used to facilitate and to prolong the life of a computer. Software is characterized by machine-readable instruction sequences. They determine the tasks that can be analyzed by the machine. The software data is organized as a file. The machine takes the place of the computer or a calculator.

According to experts, the software is called the smart part of a computer. It operates the machine or the PC. The software is a set of programs that can be executed by one or more machines. It is immaterial and it can be stored thanks to a memory medium. So even inside a computer, Software is a centerpiece of a computer. You can distinguish 3 broad categories of software, including system software, application software, and programming software. You have heard of Microsoft or MS-DOS, they are software used every day by Internet users, individuals and professionals.

To be able to work, a computer needs software and hardware. Thus, in a general way, the software and the hardware are indissociable. While the hardware is the physical or computer hardware side. It is characterized by spare parts of computing devices. They are placed inside and outside the computer case. The pieces are made by different firms and different brands. They are mounted on printed circuits. For the proper operation of your computer, you must use compatible computer equipment that meets the standards.

All parts built into the computer can receive information. They can also send, store and process them. All hardware operations must follow the instructions of each software. For a problem in your computer tool, you must contact either a computer hardware maintenance technician or a technician who specializes in computer software maintenance. Many experts remain available on the web to help you out at any time. All parts built into the computer can receive information. They can also send, store and process them.

All hardware operations must follow the instructions of each software. For a problem in your computer tool, you must contact either a computer hardware maintenance technician or a technician who specializes in computer software maintenance. Many experts remain available on the web to help you out at any time.

All parts built into the computer can receive information. They can also send, store and process them. All hardware operations must follow the instructions of each software. For a problem in your computer tool, you must contact either a computer hardware maintenance technician or a technician who specializes in computer software maintenance.

Many experts remain available on the web to help you out at any time. you must contact either a computer hardware maintenance technician or a technician who specializes in computer software maintenance. Many experts remain available on the web to help you out at any time. you must contact either a computer hardware maintenance technician or a technician who specializes in computer software maintenance. Many experts remain available on the web to help you out at any time.