Is optical Mouse contain the wireless sensors or not? July 2020

Is optical Mouse contain the wireless sensors or not? July 2020

The mouse is not an accessory to be overlooked, especially when you hold it for several hours. Opting for a quality model relieves, provides a gain in precision, responsiveness, and even automates the most common tasks. Optical mouse are better than the other due to high quality wireless sensors.

To realize that it is useful to use a good mouse, you must have tried at least one of good quality. Inevitably, spending 60 € to almost 200 € for certain models may seem completely surreal at first. Especially when any central unit is already supplied with a correct mouse for basic use.

 If you have the opportunity, it is therefore best that you compare a friend’s “good” mouse with your “basic” model. Comfort over several hours in a row, responsiveness, sensor tracking, ability to control the mouse on any surface, automatic passage through several cursor speeds depending on the applications … opt for a good model sold between 30 € and € 60 is already radically changing our relationship with the computer.


Each mouse has its own mouse

Players generally choose their mouse according to their favorite games: light and compact for MOBA, with macro management and lots of buttons for MMORPGs and with a sensitive sensor for FPS. There are also general-purpose models which take most of these criteria.

In office automation, comfort above all

For office work or Internet browsing, comfort and ergonomic options (scrolling pages, shortcuts, etc.) are essential and take even more importance than the performance of the sensor.

Wired or wireless?

If many wireless models today compare in terms of sensor responsiveness and sensitivity, wired mice are still safe values, especially for gaming. The good compromise can also be to opt for a hybrid mouse, wireless, but can accommodate a USB cable for a wired connection to the computer.


We use each mouse several days in different conditions: in play and in everyday tasks for mice gamers ; in office automation, Internet browsing and photo editing for working mice. We test the sensitivity and reliability of the sensor, as well as the surfaces on which it can be used. When we face a mouse with a particular design or an unusual size, we pass it between several hands to determine the effectiveness of its grip and its comfort. We also test all software options, when necessary.

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