Jony Ive Leaves Apple, Boeing at the Heart of the Scandal, 75% of Databases Migrating Into the Cloud; It’s the Zdbrief 16

Jony Ive Leaves Apple, Boeing at the Heart of the Scandal, 75% of Databases Migrating Into the Cloud; It’s the Zdbrief 16

Jony Ive leaves, a page turns at Apple
Jony Ive, the designer of the brand’s products at the apple just slammed the door. The reason? A deep disagreement with Tim Cook. He blames her for focusing more on business operations than on the product design process … Over the past 27 years, I’ve has designed the major products: the iPhone, the iMac or the Ipad. He is also involved in important projects like iOS 7.

But that the fans of the design of Call are reassured, the firm plans to continue to benefit from the talents of Jony Ive via the company he has just created. According to Tim Cook, the brand will work directly with him on exclusive projects.

Commercial war, better for Huawei
The Trump administration has just decided to suspend the ban on US companies trading with the brand. A decision following the meeting between the US and Chinese presidents at the Osaka G20 summit. But if the White House dropped the ballast in the file, it still intends to maintain the pressure on 5G equipment. Good news all the same for Huawei. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping nevertheless agreed to wait until the very end of the talks to negotiate on the case of the Chinese company.

Software: Boeing at the heart of the scandal
It is a software embedded in Boeing aircraft that caused the two air disasters in recent months. The crash of a flight of Ethiopian Airlines in 2019 and that of Lion Air in 2018. And grounded planes for months.

We learn that this software was designed not by Boeing engineers but by Indian engineers underpaid by a provider. Boeing engineers even claim that this software was developed when Boeing fired its experienced engineers and at the same time put pressure on its suppliers to reduce costs.

If Boeing has decided to outsource to this Indian company, it is also for commercial reasons it seems. In recent years, Boeing has won several military and commercial contracts with India, including a $ 22 billion contract in January 2017.

The number of the week: 75 for 75% of databases that migrate into the cloud
Within 3 years, 75% of the databases that equip information systems will be in the cloud according to Gartner. The firm sees its customers deploying new applications in the cloud and migrating their existing assets at a growing pace. Cloud computing continues to grow rapidly as companies migrate more and more from their internal IT infrastructure to hire services from leading cloud providers.

The Gartner study also shows that the worldwide turnover of database management systems last year has increased by over 18% or $ 46 billion in revenue. And cloud system revenue accounted for 68% of that growth. The big winners? always the same. Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, which, thanks to their position as leaders in the infrastructure cloud sector, accounting for 75.5% of the total growth of this market.

Practice: how to settle in front of your screen and your computer
How to settle in front of his screen and his computer for a day of work. For the back first. You have to sit well in the back of your seat. The record should allow you to keep your back straight. The thighs should be horizontal. Finally, the feet step or better on a reclining footrest

The positioning of the arms now. From the elbow to the wrist, it is necessary to ensure constant alignment. The keyboard should be as flat as possible and not more than 20 cm from the edge of the desk.

Finally the eyes, you know, they are very sensitive and can quickly get tired. A tip, quote yourself from a good screen template. It must be of your matte and not brilliant, of a minimum size of 20 ” and Full-HD at least. The display must be on a light background with dark characters for easier reading.

The screen should be the most perpendicular to the windows to avoid glare, dazzle, and backlighting. It is also necessary to position the screen by adjusting its height, or even adding small support so that the high border of the screen is at the height of your eyes and between 50 and 70 cm of you.

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