A Dual Monitor Stand Helps Efficiency and Wireless Hard Drives

A Dual Monitor Stand Helps Efficiency and Wireless Hard Drives

About 5 years ago I connected a second monitor to my computer, and since then, a single monitor system just seems so obsolete.  So early 2000′s.  Most desktop computers already come with this ability and the cost of an LCD monitor has plummeted.   There really is no reason not to do it.   Tablets are great for computing on the run or flicking through pictures.  But if you want real efficiency, you need a powerful desktop with at least two screens.

If you have the room on your desk and don’t mind occasional readjustment, you can just set two separate, yet identical, stand-alone LCDs right next to each other, then run the wires down to your desktop.    However many people have limited space on a desk or in a cubicle.  And more likely then not, if you’re adding a second monitor it is not identical to your first, resulting in different heights that can be irritating to the eyes.  This dissuades a lot of people from going with the two-screen setup and that’s just not right.

A nifty piece of hardware most people don’t know about our dual monitor stands.  A typical stand will take up a very small footprint on your desk space.  And every stand is adjustable, allowing you to perfectly align your screens.   With some stands you can alter the depth as well, reducing eye strain.   Keeping your screens at eye level, not having to look down at them, and adjusting them to a depth that feels right for your eyes can help reduce that eyesight fatigue that can come with heavy computer use.

And keeping your monitors at eye level means not having to tilt your head down to read them.  This leads to better body posture.  It’s difficult to sit up straight in your chair with your head up if you have to look downward to see what you are working on.

When dual screens first became popular, stands were pretty expensive. They were niche products and often were priced in the hundreds of dollars.  While some upper-end stands are still in that price range, the average price has fallen below $40.

Plus if you set it upright, you’re desk is going to look very high tech and cool.

Wireless Hard Drives Come Of Age

External hard drives have always been a cost-effective and relatively easy way to back up your data.  There hasn’t been anything too interesting about them though, they’re just a hard drive that sits outside of your computer.  Easier to get to, but the functionality is really the same as a slave drive.

Well no more

Hardware designers have been hard at work combining the utility of an external drive with the capabilities of wifi-enabled devices.  The result is an up and coming generation of wireless hard drives, represented no better than by Apple’s Time Capsule.

The newest version has a whopping 3TB of storage.  And frankly, if you are going to be buying any kind of backup hardware, that is the number you should be looking at.  There is no point in buying less and having to replace it in a few years.  This capacity will last you a long time, even with all the video now being taken.

However, it’s not just raw capacity that makes us blog about the Time Capsule.

Its fully wifi capable, allowing up to 50 devices to connect to it at once.   Hook it up to a printer via USB and everyone can share your printer as well.   If all you have is one iPad in the house, this might be a bit of overkill.  Though it would make for great storage for what won’t fit on your tablet.

However, most households have much more.   The time capsule works with both Macs and PCs.   Additionally, all Apple products can access it, including the iPod and the iPhone.  This can revolutionize the way your family stores its data.

Rather than having files scattered throughout the house on different computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones and USB drives, you can simply store all files in one location, accessible by all devices.

And the Time Capsule is also Airport ready, making it simple for guests to share your wifi, but without having access to your files, unless you want them too.

And when you travel, the Time Capsule can be brought along, allowing you to bring all of your family’s files with you no matter where you go. And of course, you can all easily share a printer.

The price isn’t cheap.  At $500, you have to make sure it fills a need.  This is Apple hardware, after all, it’s not going to be a bargain.  However if saves you from buying another printer, or multiple external drives then it can help pay for itself.

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