Working on a Laptop on a Train: Six Key Uses

Working on a Laptop on a Train: Six Key Uses

After listing the key points to watch for working well on a laptop on the train, the second part of our brief (published as part of Mobile Office *) reviews key uses to focus on. Starting with a general advice: a laptop is not quite a fixed office deported; you have to select the tasks and organize your workday according to the more or less long travel time.

1. The USB key
If you have to work on several documents, nothing better than transporting them on a USB key. Especially since some models now include office suites, such as StarOffice or Framakey. It will allow you to transfer these docs on your desktop PC, or at home. Beware of other passengers’ traffic: a brake has quickly arrived and you can easily tear yourself or damage the USB key connected to a side port.

2. The mails
Many executives will tell you, they reserve their travel time to read their emails of the day, and the writing of responses (mostly offline) they will send the evening from home, or the next day from their office. Avoid an organization of working time in the too monolithic train; remember to vary the tasks, and to anticipate … relaxing time (see below).

3. The phone
Avoid, as far as possible, telephoning your employees on the train. Nothing worse than an SME boss or manager screaming his orders to his secretary … If you have a phone appointment on your travel time, be sure to know if the network passes. Better, move the appointment in the day to the office, it will be more convenient. Also avoid, although the manufacturers say, to install you in the following configuration: PC turned on to read his mails, phone plugged, Bluetooth kit on the ear, and presto, it’s for a dip in the bubble “I am alone in the world. The worst effect on your neighbors.

4. Information
You never have time to read newspapers or listen to radio flashes in the day? Organize to recover, before leaving your office files in podcast or download. Then read them on your mobile, on your time to go or back. If you need “material” in the field of new technologies, think about podcasts from!

5. Leisure
This is one of the major uses of mobile on the move: to relax, decompress. Weekend nights seem a good time to indulge in. However, avoid (very common case) to show everyone that you have, engraved, the latest pirate copy in a screener of the film that has just been released on the screens, or the series that passes on HBC.

6. The sound
If you play a movie on your PC, listen to music or play a game, do not make everyone enjoy it. The headphones are there for that and provides a certain listening comfort. Choose a full-face helmet if you listen to the “serious” sound (reports, podcast information …) that will isolate you well.

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