How to Become an Expert in Computer Science?

How to Become an Expert in Computer Science?

Are you passionate about technological and digital innovation? Do you like to solve technical problems? Are you interested in science subjects? If the answer to these questions is yes, you can become a computer expert. To support them in their development and help them cope with the competition, companies need computer experts like Alexis Kuperfis. How to become one?

Acquire the necessary foundations
You must acquire the technical and scientific fundamentals necessary to be able to become a true computer expert like Alexis Kuperfis. For this purpose, you must follow a computer science course. You must first pass a Stray preferably. But, it is also possible to follow computer training with an STI baccalaureate. In this case, it is better to choose an electronic engineering or electrotechnical engineering option. With an STG baccalaureate, IT management option, you can also become a computer expert later.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you must enter a computer engineering school. There are several in France. But, you can also continue your studies at the university. A wide range of masters is offered to aspiring computer experts.

Choose your specialization
IT includes different branches. From a certain level of education, including a degree, you will have to choose a specialization. You will have the choice between networks and systems, data science, security, embedded systems, maintenance in computer or hardware, etc. It is important to inform you beforehand about each of the specializations proposed so as not to make a bad choice. By becoming an engineer in networks, for example, you will have for mission to develop techniques of communication in all their forms (Internet, telephone, etc.).

Computer management experts, meanwhile, are prime contractors of the computer system. They master the development of data management software. By becoming an expert in computer security, you will be in charge of setting up protection solutions for the data security of a company. At a time when hackers are more and more numerous, this professional is highly sought after by companies.

Diplomas are not enough
To be an expert in computer science, diplomas are important, but these are not enough. Indeed, all the knowledge that a true genius must-have is not provided at school. You must make efforts yourself to progress and learn new skills. Internet is a real source of information. Take advantage of it to improve yourself. For example, you can watch videos on YouTube to learn a particular technical area. Have a curious mind Test product for sale in a computer store. Dare to test different hardware or software.

The Internet is full of tutorials to help you understand them. You must also understand that technologies are constantly developing. This means that you must continue to learn so that your skills are not obsolete. Keep up-to-date by reading computer magazines, following blogs specialized in the sector. Familiarize yourself as soon as possible with the latest tools or software available.

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