Choosing Right: Our Selection of Executive Laptops

Choosing Right: Our Selection of Executive Laptops

From the finest to the most powerful through the most versatile. The customer has at his disposal a wide choice of laptop. Each manufacturer is trying to innovate and offer a new experience with a flagship product. Here is our selection, according to your needs.

With this complete selection to find without a doubt the laptop that suits you the most:

Design: The world’s thinnest PC (8.98mm thick), smooth lines and impeccable build quality, this Swift 7 is a dandy with an adventurous temperament.

Power: The Core i7 processor embedded here is 7th generation and not 8th as is the standard on the other models tested here. With only 8 GB of memory and a processor with a very average final performance, it is really only dedicated to the office.

Screen: the balanced colorimetry and its nuanced contrasts are complemented by the brightness of a good level. An excellent machine for working, as for making presentations.

Ergonomics: Negative point, it is very difficult to open it with one hand. For the rest, the keyboard is quite average with a strike a little too short for our taste, the price of finesse. The touchpad is disappointing, not very responsive and it does not offer a direct left-click (two fingers to emulate).

Nomadism: difficult to do more nomad with a weight of 1.20 kg and dimensions of 32.8 x 23.7 x 0.9 cm. It slips into a small leather pouch, for example, that delivered with. As a bonus, it incorporates a 4G modem. Finally, a little powerful processor has the advantage of little heat. The Swift 7 is therefore compatible with knee work.

Autonomy: Despite its finesse, the Swift 7 behaves properly with autonomy in mixed-use that is positioned between 7 and 8 hours.

Security: a fingerprint reader.

Design: an elegant metal dress for a compact computer, it exudes a professional image without being too sober.

Power: the tested version based on Intel Core i5 processor and 16 GB of RAM is revealed to be a beast of office automation and able to handle small sessions of Photoshop.

Screen: the 14 “FULL-HD matte panel offers a nice color and brightness, but the contrast is a little behind. Note that it includes an anti-blue light filter and especially a second anti-reflective very effective.

Ergonomics: this convertible offers a 360 rotating screen to turn it into a tablet. The hinge is solid, stable. The keyboard offers a pleasant, effective, but some will find the keys a little too close. The Touchpad is precise with a good glide.

Nomadism: with dimensions without an excess of 32.14 x 21.5 x 1.69 cm for 1.35 kg, it is nomadic while enjoying a very complete set of connectors. The presence of a 4G modem is also worth noting. Finally, it heats without excess, but do not keep it too long on your knees.

Autonomy: We expected more than 9 hours of autonomy in mixed-use, but not more than 8 hours here.
Security services: the computer integrates a fingerprint reader and especially hardware security chips (data protection, bios). An antivirus package with McAfee is offered, as backup services via HP Cloud.

After Sales Services: By investing in an HP Care Pack, you have access to a 1 to 2-year warranty extension. In addition, depending on the level of service an on-site intervention on day + 1 is possible, such as remote system restore.

Price: from 1 790 euros

For whom: this Elitebook X360 1040 is a versatile machine that can be easily integrated into a computer fleet and a TPE. In the latter case, the many support tools offered by HP make it a reassuring and effective choice.

Asus B9Pro, the quiet force
Design: Its magnesium alloy design is both aesthetic and yet very sober.

Power: Asus starts its configurations with a couple of Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM very efficient in the office. To have 16 GB of RAM, you have to switch to the Core i7.

Screen: the screen does not offer a natural colorimeter and singularly lacks peps. This will be fine for office work, but nothing else.

Ergonomics: by opening the beast, we realize that the top cover is a little longer than the bottom. This gives a slight inclination of 7 which makes typing on the keyboard more pleasant over the length. The keys have a slight hollow for a safer typing.

Nomadism: Asus prides itself on offering the world’s lightest 14 “laptop. He is right, but it is paid by the presence of a single USB3-C port. A mini-dock accompanies to compensate, but this remains limited. Finally, he has the good idea of very little heat, perfect to finish a mail machine on his lap.

Autonomy: the announced autonomy of 10 hours is a little optimistic, we reach the 7 to 8 hours in mixed uses.

Security: a fingerprint reader

SAV: Asus does not offer a specific warranty extension, an offer guaranteeing a refund of his computer if it breaks down in the year.

Price: from 1 300 euros

For whom: executives whose office is the main use and for whom nomadism is not just a nice word.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1, pure sobriety

Design: The years go by and the ThinkPad’s black magnesium shell still has the effect. Its solidity is at the level of the image of professionalism that it releases.

Power: with a Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM, this ThinkPad will not fail you. Attention, Lenovo offers configurations Core i5 and 8 GB very effective in-office use. By cons, avoid the Core i7 couple and 8 GB of RAM too much unbalanced.

Screen: the 14 ” screen (tactile or not) is a model of the kind level colorimetry and brightness. The contrast is good but lacks a little finesse on blacks. Finally, the reaction time of the screen is quite low, the mouse cursor tends to leave a slight drag on the screen.

Ergonomics: the keyboard of this X1 is what comes closest to a desktop, slightly intaglio key, a beautiful depth of typing for comfort and maximum efficiency.

Nomadism: 1.13 kg, controlled dimensions (32.35 x 21.71 x 1.6 cm), it is really nomadic. On the other hand, it tends to heat up a lot, so avoid working with your knees.

Autonomy: good surprise, we easily reach the 9 to 10 hours in mixed-use. See 12 hours by limiting the consumption of the screen. A fast charger allows to go from 0 to 80% of battery in 60 minutes, rather 75/80 minutes according to our tests.

Security: biometrics is there with a fingerprint reader and an infrared webcam for face recognition. In addition, it includes a TPM 2.0 encryption chip that secures access to the Bios, hard drive or boot. Finally, a mechanical flap can hide the webcam also of very average quality.

SAV: Lenovo offers a service pack with extension and repair on site

Price: from 1 390 euros

For whom: a reference machine for those who have real needs in nomadic productivity. Management or security services deserve to be further developed.
MSI PS42, the versatile multimedia

Design: a new kid on the market, MSI, better known in gaming, presents a machine with sliced lines and a beautiful brushed aluminum shell. Very aesthetic, without doing too much and we appreciated the quality of manufacture.

Power: Two configurations are available Core i7 and 16GB RAM or Core i5 and 8GB RAM. The performances are they expected, with a small flat for the first one strand back from the average.

Screen: the PS42 enjoys a very beautiful screen 14 ”. The colorimetry is bright and natural, the brightness excellent, as the level of contrast. For work, hobbies and even video games with the embedded Nvidia MX350 3D card.

Ergonomics: well designed, the PS42 offers a keyboard of good quality without being exceptional. The touchpad is a bit small, sometimes lacks responsiveness. By cons, connectivity level MSi is very complete with even an SD card reader.

Nomadism: with dimensions of 32.2 x 22.2 x 15.9 cm for 1.19 kg, we are faced with a machine that knows how to be discreet, while offering a very good range of services.
Autonomy: announced at 10 am by MSi, we reached the best 8:30 with an average closer to 7 hours.

Security: a fingerprint reader is present, but integrated into the Touchpad which is not the most intuitive.

SAV: MSi is new on the market which explains the lack of offers dedicated to professionals, everything will depend on the proposals of your dealer.

Price: from 1290 euros

For whom: the creatives will appreciate its screen and its power. It will fit very well into a fleet of large SMEs. If it can seduce the TPE, make sure you have a dealer who is used to working with professionals.

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