6in1 Electra, Rip Head, Hulk, Female Cat, Spider-man, Spider-man 2

6in1 Electra, Rip Head, Hulk, Female Cat, Spider-man, Spider-man 2

Following the events of the film “Daredevil”, Electra (Jennifer Garner), finds a new life in the criminal group “Order of the Hand”, combining the most skilled hired killers. There she regains her strength and learns new combat techniques designed to make her an effective mercenary. Committed to his life by the leader of the group, Kirigi, Electra receives from him the task of killing a man named Mark Miller (Goran Vishnich) and his 13-year-old daughter Abby (Kristin Pout).

In preparation for the murder, Elektra meets her future victims and very soon makes friends with them, which makes it impossible for her to fulfill her deadly mission and then she decides to protect them. In favor of her decision is the fact that Miller’s grandfather – Stick (Terence Stump) – was once her first mentor and close friend.

Matt Murdoch, the son of a famous boxer who was killed by gangsters for refusing to succumb in the ring. And although Matt lost his sight in childhood due to an accident, he managed to ideally develop other sensory abilities – smell, hearing, taste.

But that is not all. Injury contributed to the emergence of Matt some kind of radar, which allows him to navigate better than a bat does. In the afternoon – a brilliant lawyer, at night he is an avenger in a mask calling himself Daredevil …

A screen version of the famous American comic book about a student who took part in a secret military program to create a substance that changes human cells. As a result, he began to turn into a huge monster every time as soon as someone took him out of emotional balance.

Dr. Bruce Banner (the scientist working on the invention of the new bomb) was exposed to gamma rays and turned into a Hulk – a creature of incredible physical strength, which in a state of rage becomes a huge green monster. He is being pursued by the military under the leadership of General Ross, he has to flee across the country. In the end, he has a love story with Betty’s general daughter


The action takes place in the fictional city of Lake City and tells the story of the artist Paciens Phillips (Hall Barry), who is killed when she learns about the dark affairs of the cosmetics company Avenal Beauty, led by a couple of villains (Lambert Wilson and Sharon Stone), where she worked. Soon, Patients returns to life, thanks to the magic of the Egyptian cat Mao, which she once saved her life.

Having revived and received, in addition to the new life, the ability of a superheroine, Patients Phillips becomes a Catwoman, ready to take revenge on her killers and stop the evil plans of Avenal Beauty. Benjamin Pratt in the role of detective Tom Lone, with whom Phillips has an affair.

During a science exhibit, Peter bites a spider who escaped from a terrarium, one of those that had genetic experiments done. Soon after, he discovers that he begins to possess supernatural powers. After discovering these abilities, Peter gets into a television show on wrestling, where, thanks to his spider power, he wins the match in record time.

But the producer of the show refuses to give the winner a prize of $ 3,000, claiming that Peter won too quickly. After the show, Peter has the opportunity to catch a robber running away from the producer’s office, but because of anger at him, he refuses to stop the thief. A few moments later, the same burglar kills his beloved Uncle Ben …

Spider-Man 2

Two years have passed. Quiet Peter Parker continues the unequal struggle with his gift and at the same time – a curse. He is desperately trying to stay on the fine line between his two incarnations: the superhero Spider-Man and an ordinary college student. He understands that if his secret is revealed, then the relationship with everyone who is dear to him can be destroyed overnight.  His passion for MJ is getting stronger, and he constantly fights with his desire to open up to her and confess everything.

His friendship with Harry Osborne is complicated by the young Osborne’s hatred of Spider-Man, his father’s killer, his pain and desire for revenge. Even my beloved aunt May, who is going through hard times after Uncle Ben’s death, begins to suspect something of her nephew, but these were still flowers. Suddenly, Peter finds himself facing a new dangerous enemy – Dr. Otto Octavius. Peter must use all his strength and ability to stop this diabolical maniac.

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