Escape Games With Digital Resources – Escape Game

Escape Games With Digital Resources – Escape Game

The escape game, a playful way to learn in class and learn by cooperating with digital resources. In partnership with the Prim Portal on Board.

The Escape Game – Escape Game
In partnership with Prim’s onboard portal, Learning With Digital Gaming shares resources and articles related to digital gaming.

The origins of the concept
Arrived in London in 2012, the concept of escape game or literally “escape game” comes from Japan and their passion for cosplay. Video games, attraction to disguises and superheroes have helped to imagine staging spaces to give way to a scenic experience and the incarnation of imaginary characters through a pre-built scenario. The general principle is to lock yourself in a room for a limited time (usually one hour) to solve puzzles in order to escape the place.

Since 2013, the game of escape has spread rapidly in our society to allow various audiences to enter different types of the universe (eg historical ones) and to put their collective intelligence to the test in order to solve problems. puzzles and challenges. It’s about searching, decrypting, solving, deducing, imagining … by mobilizing, in a team, multiple skills that are also found in certain professional situations. The final goal is always to be able to get the keys on a given time; the answers to succeed in escaping.

A new and global hobby built from the same ingredients:

  •  rhythmic scripting through a survey to conduct,
  •  a contextualized narration in a precise universe (real or imaginary) to immerse oneself in an elsewhere,
  •  a precise setting related to the observation and search for clues to identify,
  •  accompanied progression with help and possible remedies if needed,
  •  a final that concludes the adventure and marks the success (or not) of the collective challenge.

The escape game in teaching

Multiple classrooms are explored by teachers. The implementation of pedagogical scenarios for pupils is increasing at all levels of the education system.  The limits of these projects depend only on the creativity and imagination of the teacher.

It is :

  • consolidate skills already worked,
  • discover concepts, new knowledge,
  • test pupils’ cooperation skills,
  • to evaluate the perseverance with the effort in situations of challenge.

Use in teacher training to discover the learning modality and resources

The Creteil academy was one of the first to introduce teachers to this format as part of teacher training. ENIGMA, a digital escape game, aims to introduce playful uses of digital tools and resources in a fun way. In an open space gathering all the necessary elements, the enigmas proposed are based solely on logic, observation, and reasoning.

A time master plays the role of facilitator, he accompanies the group to maintain an active research process. This experience has been the subject of many training sessions and the Academy has made available all the kit for the exploitation of this game space.

Examples of resource sites on educational escape games run by teachers

Visual of the site scape

The site created from the training offered to teachers of the academy of Créteil and which brings together many resources to design and inspire projects carried out by several teachers.

The Escape n ‘Games website managed by Christelle Quesne, English teacher in the Rouen Academy and a designer of escape games. The site offers to share and share escape game creations by teachers in all disciplines and for all levels of class to help other teachers to embark on the design of their escape game.

The site has 140 escape games (June 2018). The site also deals with gamification, it lists serious games (hence its name: Escape n ‘Games). Teachers have so many resources to create escape games, tutorials, articles, documents for distance learning, a mailing list, These resource sites shared between teachers are licensed under creative commons (attribution, sharing under the same conditions, no commercial use).

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